W&G Vest







Work Shirt, Vintage Fit, Blue Chambray Work Shirt, Vintage Fit, Denim Work Shirt, Vintage Fit, Black Covert Work Shirt, Vintage Fit, Brown Covert    
Pullover BD, Blue Pinpoint OX Pullover BD, White Pinpoint OX Pullover BD, Dress Chambray Pullover BD, Yellow Check Poplin Pullover BD, Blue Stripe Poplin Pullover BD, Red Madras
Pullover BD, Navy Madras Pullover BD, Dark Madras Pullover BD, Patchwork Madras      
Football T, Grey Football T, Navy Football T, Oatmeal Football T, Black Football T, Black Body 2-Tone Football T, Oatmeal Body 2-Tone
City Lights, Grey City Lights, Navy City Lights, Oatmeal City Lights, Black    
FWP Trousers, Light Chino FWP Trousers, Black Chambray FWP Trousers, Ecru Linen FWP Trousers, Black Linen    
W&G Vest, Poplin, Coyote W&G Vest, Poplin, Olive W&G Vest, 6 oz Denim Queen of the road, Railroad Jacket, Indigo Denim, OW Queen of the road, Railroad Jacket, White Denim, OW